Welcome to KHBOffice LLC!

If you have a new or small business with under 100 employees, you need to talk to us.

We are a QuickBooks Advanced Solution Provider group out of Charlotte, NC. We have implemented over 140K in software value over the last 12 months. We embrace effective technology and combine support for our growing clients with humor and a common sense approach to software implementations and business management.

A successful business is a combination of time management, habit, continuous education, and planning. You boost the factors you can control, and adapt to the factors you can’t.


Katie selflessly (and more or less consistently) documents her WAHM adventures through Facebook Live and Youtube. Need a laugh? Check out the one where she was sleep deprived.

As a QuickBooks Advanced Solution Provider, we center our solutions around the product that the vast majority of the market uses – QuickBooks. We use QuickBooks Online internally for our BPO services, and also implement QuickBooks Enterprise for quickly growing or established businesses.

We have completed projects like:

  • Taken companies from startup to over a million in sales through instituting accounting policies and closing schedules from day one;
  • Established cash flow management using bank account segregation and target profit numbers (Profit First);
  • Built custom reports to help visualize commission requirements, business performance, and other specialized requirements.
  • Established customer service channels and accounting policies to enable clients to focus on business growth, not process diversions.
  • Built board presentations for non-profits, and assisted in yearly planning, budgets and forecasting.

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