Why Milestones Are Important in QuickBooks Software Enterprise Projects

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Many QuickBooks Software Enterprise projects can be completed in less than a month, so one would wonder how important milestones are. We believe milestones are, in fact, very important. Milestones provide a measuring stick to the progress of your project, but in addition, they provide project stakeholders with a motivational boost, by showing incremental progress towards the completion of the project.

What would be a milestone? They may change depending on the scope. Integrated into your project timeline, a milestone could be completed data preparation, an accepted prototype or successful validation. It could also be a completed sync with an integrated application, or even the fact that discovery or needs analysis has been fully completed and satisfied. While we tend to focus milestones on accomplishments, you can also incorporate down to a task level. I believe in keeping milestones measurable, without making them granular. A granular project becomes stiff and not easily adapted to small bumps, which are inevitable.

It’s our job as your project manager, and specialists, to manage these bumps so that they don’t extend the timeline of your project.

As clients, this is possibly a new, or occasional, experience for you, and it’s also our job to help you go through the process smoothly.

Milestones and timelines can be solidified using Gantt charts, or one of many online project management applications, some of which can be extended to your team, as a client, for complete clarity and collaboration. (Sidenote: many of these also work with Zapier).

While we don’t incorporate timelines or milestones into every project, we can always incorporate them upon request. For larger projects, or those with many moving pieces, we will always incorporate a timeline/project plan with milestones, so everyone knows what we are looking forward to.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]