How Sound Can Cost Customers

I once went into a small grocery store. Upon entering I heard a noise, like a high-pitched electronic squeak. It was loud but no one else seemed to hear it. I could hear it throughout the store. It was unwavering and aggravating. The longer I shopped the more annoyed and frustrated I became. I tried to rush and get what I needed to get out of there as quickly as possible! Upon checking out, the noise was so intense I had to cover my ears. I mentioned it to the cashier in desperation.

Use Sight to Optimize Customer Experience

Sight is so diverse in how it relates to your store! There are many things to consider in this category.  Textures fit not only in touch but also in sight, (see above.) Not only the simplicity of how an item is displayed, whether is it shelved or hanging, but where it is displayed is crucial as well.  Products at eye level are normally more popular, as they are easier to see.  Also grouping different items together help to push secondary items that are normally forgotten.  I think of Nelly in her dry goods store.

Use Peppermint To Stay Top of Mind

In a food orientated store this is an easy sense to resolve. Samples, Samples, Samples!! Food samples should be available in an enticing display (see above) but also under cover and not open air unless they are being cooked and handed out immediately. Use the color reference above to design what colors to use.

How Smell Completes The Customer Experience

We will begin looking at scents, how they can be used to increase sales and assist in merchandising and explore how this might affect employees.  Understand, the effects listed below are generally recorded in trials, however there is always the chance that a person may have an adverse reaction to certain scents.  Not everyone loves Vanilla right? I for one will leave a business if there is vanilla. I is too overwhelming for me.