QuickBooks Desktop and Online Keyboard Shortcuts

I am always being asked for the list of quick shortcuts for QuickBooks Desktop and Online. Including them below. Print these and tape them to your desk.

Desktop Navigation and Super Handy Shortcuts

Ctrl + Del (Fav)Delete the transaction line
Ctrl + Ins Inserts a line
Ctrl + Alt + Y (18 and above)Copy line
Ctrl + Alt + V (18 and above)Paste line
Ctrl + N New line
Ctrl + DDelete line
Ctrl + EEdit line item in list
Ctrl + OCopy Check (Register)
Ctrl + VPaste Check (Register)
F5Refresh list (Multi User)
Ctrl + H (Super Handy, Fav)Transaction history (in transaction)
Ctrl + WWrite Check
Ctrl + QQuick Report (make sure you have the list item highlighted first)
Ctrl + YOpen Transaction Journal (use in transactions)
Ctrl + J (Note, not C)Open Customer Center
Ctrl + A (Major Fav)Open Chart of Accounts
Ctrl + ICreate Invoices
Ctrl + LWhen you are highlighting a drop down list, this will expand the list
Ctrl + UUse the item you selected from the drop down list above
Ctrl + RUse Register
Ctrl + GWhen in register, this will take you to the other/split account
Ctrl + F (Keep this one taped to your desk)Find
F1QB Help
F2 (I use this every day)Product Dialogue Box (great for checking fragmentation, version, license and product info, etc)
F3Use this when you are in the F2 screen. It will bring up system and diagnostic info.
EscClose Window
Ctrl + F6Move to next open window and make it active
+Add 1 to field
Minus 1 from field
Alt + SSave
Alt + NSave transaction and open new one.
TabNext field
Shift + TabPrior field
Up ArrowRow above
Down ArrowRow Below
Page UpPrevious Page
Page DownNext Page
Ctrl + Page UpMove to first item in list or register
Ctrl + Page DownMove to last item in list or register
Ctrl + EnterSave/Post
Alt + F4Exit

Other Shortcuts

+ to date fieldGo to the next day
– to date fieldPrevious day
WFirst day of the week
KLast day of the week
MFirst day of the month
HLast day of the month
YFirst day of the year
Ctrl + MMemorize transaction
Ctrl + TOpen memorized transaction list
Ctrl + PPrint (Use with great responsibility – don’t kill more trees than necessary!)
Ctrl + R + PLets you enter the validation code we provide when you purchase QuickBooks from us. Make sure you are in the “About” window under the Help toolbar first.
Ctrl + KPayroll Service Keys
Ctrl + Alt + YEnter YTD amounts when setting up payroll
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + VPaste
DelDelete character to the right
BackspaceDelete character to the left
HomeBeginning of field
EndGo to end of field
Ctrl + Right ArrowMove to next word
Ctrl + Left ArrowMove to previous word

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