What Calls To Small Business

Having a conversation with a friend this morning, we discussed how small business ownership, and relatedly entrepreneurism, is not for everyone.

It’s the truth…it’s not. In fact, I was not out to be a business owner when the idea for KHB was originally mapped out. Let’s jump in the time machine for a minute…

I’ve worked in accounting since 1999. I love the organization in it – in fact, when we were talking career day in elementary school I wanted to be a secretary. At the time I didn’t know what accounting was – just that I liked organizing things.

Corporate accounting is an amazing profession. Demanding to be sure, but the camaraderie and the process of it all appealed a lot to me. I worked in corporate accounting for years, and expected that it would be what I’d do until retirement. The stability, the benefits…

Until it wasn’t stable.

After a set of layoffs, I decided it was time for the next step (truth be told I’d had wanderlust for a while), and I went to work for an amazing small business/startup in the specialty food industry. Being able to take the lessons and processes learned earlier in my career, I was able to organize inventory processes, map out budgets and forecasts, and offer my part in the growth of a great company.

By chance I decided to certify in QuickBooks (at this time we are in 2005). After certification, I started to get calls from other businesses needing similar help.

Almost fifteen years later and I own KHBOffice LLC. I am incredibly proud of our team of five consultants who work hard every day to do what we do best – plan and implement business software for business owners and entrepreneurs all over the United States. From pre-revenue to multi-million dollar business, we consult on accounting and inventory software, customer relationship management software (CRM), marketing tools, Point of Sale, phone system software, and more.

It has been a long, windy, curvy, bumpy and exciting road, and sitting here at the beginning of Small Business Week I’m struck by how different the stories are for all of the customers we speak to.

I wanted freedom in my schedule to be with my kids.

I had a great idea and decided to go for it.

I wanted to build my own map.

Whatever your reason, it is worth it. I’m here to say it can be crazy at times, and you may want to give up, but the highs are well worth the lows, and the path is exciting. We live in America, and I firmly believe that bright futures are there for the taking if you are willing to work for it. I’m blessed to talk every day with other business owners over coffee and computers. We are a pretty great club, albeit kind of kooky at times.

Happy Small Business Week – send me your story. I’d love to highlight it for SBW 2020.

PS – if you’ve read this far, I thank you for your support.

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