Using the QuickBooks Warehouse Manager App on Your Android – Katie’s Messy Notes (Messy Notes in PDF, too)

So this is the deal – I’ve been struggling to find time to work on the blog, and I know I have good information, but most of the time I end up doing a brain dump for a client or colleague, and I don’t come back to clean it up.

Instead of not writing at all, the thought has occurred that if people need good info, they won’t (hopefully) care if it doesn’t shine like a diamond. After all, if you can take my sometimes cringeworthy Youtube vids, I’m sure you don’t care if I upload a PDF if my Evernote cheat sheets.

That being said, I wanted to upload information on what it looks like when you have your warehouse manager app on your Android device. Pics below, along with my pdf and clean(er) notes on what to expect.

So, to the right you will see the screen you receive immediately after entering the PIN to your Enterprise Warehouse Manager App. You get the PIN in QuickBooks Enterprise when in the Advanced Inventory settings.

Before doing this, you need to set up a Warehouse picker in your Vendor center. (Yes, Vendor, not User). Make sure to mark the type as Picker. These screenshots are for the Pick Lists, but you can do other tasks as well.

I also strongly suggest making sure that your Sales Order and Purchase Order Fulfillment Centers are turned on.

If the warehouse user will be working in QuickBooks, such as on purchase orders, you will need to also set them up as a user in QuickBooks.

You can use any barcode scanner (just about) that has a USB port. Some have a USB port and bluetooth. (There is a Voyager accessory that will bluetooth connect to your phone if you want to scan barcodes. Other scanners might work as well, as long as they are bluetooth enabled. Not guaranteed, though!)

You must have QBES open to the Advanced Inventory Settings in order to pair the Android device.

Only difference between inventory scanners and Android device for warehouse activities is that the inventory scanner can scan barcodes, and the Android app needs the barcode to be keyed in. Most users prefer the Android for cost and ease of use if they already have one. This can be a phone, tablet, etc.

Screenshots below should look very similar to the experience on the inventory scanner.

My original PDF Evernote edition is here – may God save your soul.

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