Bookkeeping Solutions

Bookkeeping for less than the cost of merchant processing. Sign up now and get a free swag bundle from your team at KHB!

Get a $50.00 credit towards the purchase of your QuickBooks Online when you sign up with us. Combine this with your free trial, and you get up to 2 months of free QuickBooks!


Would you rather have a quick service log your transactions, or a partner who can help you use the data you build when you can report on your accounting? (Smarties pick the second one!)

Who better to work on your bookkeeping than an accomplished Advanced Certified QuickBooks Practice based in the US (and who always has been)? Starting at $150.00 per month, your dedicated bookkeeper will keep your accounts updated, complete bank reconciliations and send easy to read reports each month. Have a question? Call their dedicated line or easily schedule a 1:1 web meeting on their calendar. Want to see how you are performing month over month or year over year? We can help provide analysis to support decision-making. We want you to know we are part of your team and are here to support you, and you can reach us at any time (during business hours).

Easy pricing. 1.25% of expenses monthly.*

*Additional charges may apply depending on needs. Exclusions apply. Click the button above to request a formal quote. Minimum $150 per month.

You need to grow your business – not get bogged down with an overwhelming to do box. With our built in processes and dedication to detail we are the bookkeeping partner you need so you can focus on your business, without the cost and risk associated with sourcing, hiring, and managing an in-house bookkeeper.

How Are We Different?

  • Our US-based bookkeepers are highly qualified. They have experience in private companies and accounting firms. We complete background checks, screen on accounting pre-assessments and vet our candidates thoroughly. All bookkeepers are hired with ProAdvisor Certification or obtain it within the first 30 days of employment. Once they start, our team sets training goals yearly for additional certifications and industry knowledge.
  • We provide 1099 and sales tax filings at no extra charge for full charge bookkeeping clients. Most cloud bookkeeping services will not complete sales tax or 1099s. Limit 1 state sales tax and 10-1099s yearly. We have solutions for higher volume needs.
  • No commitments. Cancel at any time. Our value-priced service ensures that you have efficient service and the shortest path to resolution – always.
  • QuickBooks Onboarding & Software Discount Included. Get a $50.00 credit towards the purchase of your QuickBooks Online when you sign up with us. We will configure and set up your apps, and will work with up to two additional apps at no cost. (No maintenance of additional apps – we will pull reports from 2 additional app sources).
  • Measure while you grow! Monthly reports include vertical analysis and gross margin. Additional analyses such as burn rate or ratios are also available for an additional charge. Also not available with most cloud accounting services.


  • Are books cash or accrual? Books are cash-based by default, but accrual is available at additional cost. Accrual bookkeeping is recognized when expenses and income are earned or used, while cash bookkeeping is based on when the transaction is paid or received.
  • Can I call my bookkeeper? Of course! Call at any time. You will have their direct line. If we don’t answer we strive to respond to all emails and voicemails by end of business day (24 hours max). We take text, too!
  • Who is a fit? Small businesses from startup to 100 employees are the ideal fit for this service. We do not provide bookkeeping for C-Corps.
  • Is there a fee for onboarding? Not when you buy QuickBooks Online through us. If you already have QuickBooks, there is an extra .5% added to your first month for onboarding.
  • What if I need catch up bookkeeping? If you ask us to catch up historical bookkeeping, the monthly charge for each historical month will apply. EX: 5 months of historical catch up = Monthly charge x 5.
  • How am I billed? Each month, you will be automatically charged based on your expense ratio. When you sign up we will apply a budget. If the budget is exceeded we will send a true-up invoice for the difference between budget and actual fee, and new authorization.
  • What additional costs may apply? Costs for extra analysis, staff or on-site training, and other unusual scenarios may incur additional cost. There will be additional clean up fees if you mix business and personal expenses (we ask that you don’t) or have excessive balance sheet transactions.
  • What other services can you provide? We can help with A/R, A/P, stand alone set ups without bookkeeping, app integration, and other bookkeeping-related services. We can even help with customer service in some cases. We have a virtual assistant on staff for clients who also need administrative or customer support help.
  • Do you do taxes? We compile your reports yearly for submission to your CPA or tax preparer. We do not offer tax advice or preparation.
  • I’m a CPA or accountant looking for support with my accounts. We would love to partner to help support your practice. Contact us to discuss further.