Fishbowl inventory software is the first consideration for clients outgrowing the already extensive feature set of QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory. With Fishbowl, we can set the client up in QuickBooks Silver or Gold, and leave out the Advanced Inventory functionality, instead adding the extensive and thoroughly sync-able Fishbowl software as the completing piece to the manufacturer’s software stack. This does come at a higher price point, so it is always good common sense to review both, decide on the ROI of each and evaluate whether QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum will work prior to jumping into a discussion about Fishbowl.

Some of the case problems we’ve been able to solve and differentiators have been:

  • Needing to use barcode scanning on more than just item numbers, as is currently available in QBES Platinum Advanced Inventory;
  • More in-depth lot and serial number abilities (such as identifying multiple lots per invoice line items);
  • Auto-generating tracking number (currently manually generated in QBES);
  • Multiple tracking numbers by item (such as expiration dates, serial numbers and lot numbers). QuickBooks Platinum currently does not associate expiration dates with lot numbers, but we can set up custom fields to handle expiration dates per item #;
  • Production stage tracking;
  • Advanced work order functionality;
  • Outsourced process tracking feature. You can track outsourced processes within Fishbowl. Not currently available with QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum without workarounds;
  • No custom field limit in Fishbowl. QuickBooks has varying field limits with each type, which are sufficient in most cases, but not all;
  • Custom BOM functionality available;
  • Fishbowl can support LIFO costing, which is not currently an option in QuickBooks Enterprise;
  • Auto Manufacture Orders;
  • Backfill functionality;
  • Fishbowl Commerce;
  • Supports Consignment companies, which are not supported in QuickBooks Point of Sale without add- on functions.

Works well with:

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