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My current personal favorite:

Katie is the cavalry

Katie is very knowledgeable in Quickbooks and associated third-party services. She’s delightful to work with over the phone. Her emails are clear, detailed and timely. She has excellent listening and problem-solving skills. We have yet to stump her. We relate an issue or a desired goal, and she invariably describes a clear, understandable solution.

-Ronk, via quickbooks proadvisor portal (Quickbooks Enterprise Consulting)

Tell you what. If you want to get an ego boost, read through your reviews. Kinda makes you want to put on the cape and knock out some business problems. Let’s check out some more…^Katie

Katie has been upbeat and encouraging throughout our entire process. She has given very good council on how to leverage potential CRM’s with integration to QuickBooks. Additionally she offered great advice on some cost saving services for a nonprofit that I am involved with. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship between our companies.

-One encouraged president (quickbooks enterprise consulting)

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Katie B and KHBOffice. Katie is a very approachable down to earth professional. She makes quick work out of your small business books and is so calming and capable of handling a wide variety to tasks associated with running your business. She will also teach you how to help yourself and is quick and very effective when she helps with your projects. She gives you a ton of effort and work for her fees. You cannot go wrong when you call on Katie B! I have recommended her highly and will continue to recommend her to any of my colleagues and small business owners.

-Metrocarolina properties, quickbooks online

I am currently working on my bookkeeping certification and Katie has been wonderful whenever I had a question on a bookkeeping concept; very patient, responsive and truly knows her stuff. She also has been a great help in understanding and utilizing Quick Books. I’m very grateful to have her as a resource

-a new bookkeeper

I am so happy to have found Katie to help me learn QuickBooks and get things in order for my company! After starting on my own, I engaged with Katie to clean things up and help me better understand the features and benefits of QuickBooks as it relates to my needs. Her patience and thorough understanding of the program and my requirements have been outstanding. I especially appreciate Katie’s ability to explain even the most basic things without making me feel stupid, as this is all new to me and my confidence is not high, although it increases greatly with each call!

-Crouch, quickbooks online & new business accounting coaching

Katie is great. We had a good training session where she walked me through some of the more in depth things that I wanted to accomplish with my small business. Instead of just billing me for one thing, she made sure it was what I needed and catered to my needs. I plan on doing another session next week to finalize my business tax software with her!


I used Katie to look over my bookkeeping to ensure I wasn’t making a mess of my records. She was very helpful, and showed me some great features to assist me in my bookkeeping. Her knowledge and expertise of Quickbooks online was very helpful!!


Katie is the best!! I knew I needed someone who wasn’t just an expert but had the personable skills that makes learning easy, putting my anxiety at ease. She not only tackled my concerns but she also helped me understand more about how to use QuickBooks and integrate it with my POS. I look forward to learning more from Katie down the road and would recommend anyone who wants to get their business on the right track to contact her.


Being a small business owner, I was very reluctant to invest into a software that is a little expensive for my business. But it is worth it because it makes ringing up customers so easy and i can track inventory. Katie Bunschoten is a very helpful and patient person.She made very thing so smooth sailing and she even gave me her cell number to call if we had any problems with the software program. How cool is that. Thanks Katie.

-quickbooks consulting

No one enjoys upgrading software – There are fears about compatibility, data backup, familiarity with the newest versions. Kat and her team made the upgrade smooth and seamless! They answered all my questions and had us up and running the newest version quickly. Fast forward 4 months and we are having some big issues with Intuit Payment services! All of our payments were being caught in risk assessment and we were unable to get resolution after multiple attempts. One single email to Kat and she had about 3 of her contacts working on it, and we had our entire account funded and resolved within that same week, a task we had struggled with for months! My only regret is not contacting her sooner! I promise Kat and her team will go above and beyond to serve their customers!

-quickbooks consulting

Katie did a great job helping me understand our books. We have a small business and although I tried to set things up right, I made several mistakes! Katie helped me sort through everything to taught me lots of important steps for using Quickbooks. She can be as involved or hands off as I need, and I like that flexibility! She also answered my inquiry within six minutes! Wow! I’m happy to recommend her!

-quickbooks coaching

Katie and her team are fantastic! We went from pen and paper to QB and QB POS. Her knowledge base is endless. She was very diligent about making our transition seamless and time efficient. We couldn’t have made the switch without her. Looking forward to working with KHB Office in the future!

-quickbooks consulting

Katie put together a great presentation. She was able to make adjustments during her presentation to fit our different classroom needs.

-quickbooks seminar

It was a good sign when I initially emailed Katy and she responded with a text and an email within five minutes. That is how she worked throughout setting my company up on QB online and teaching me how to run the program. She is extremely knowledgeable and well organized. I cannot say enough good about her and her team and am grateful to have her as a contact for any help I may need in the future.

-quickbooks online coaching

Katie is a great resource for all your Quickbooks needs. She is extremely knowledgeable whether the project is large or small. Katie has helped me close our books for 2011 and prepare them for the accountant to complete our taxes. She has also assisted in numerous day-to-day tasks. Katie is easily accessible and flexible with her time. She is always willing to assist with any questions/concerns I may have.

-quickbooks implementation

I first met Katie a few months ago when our company was contemplating changing over to QBE. She wasn’t pushy, and was able to satisfactorily answer my initial concerns. Although it took a few months, eventually we did proceed with QBE and Katie was absolutely outstanding in working with our tight timeline and wasn’t afraid to say when she was unsure. I would highly recommend Katie. She is very skilled, helpful, and very transparent in the running of her firm.

-quickbooks enterprise implementation

Katie helped me adjust some accounts from my existing Quickbooks in order to keep things simple to use because of some changes in my business. I would recommend her to help anyone with Quickbooks. She can recommend how things will affect your bookkeeping reports and accounts.

-quickbooks coaching

Katie is an exceptional joy to work with, bringing her vast knowledge and diligence to each situation and task. Looking forward to working with her in the future!”

-quickbooks coaching



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